I’m thankful.

And I don’t express it well or often enough. Thus, this post.

I’m from a small town in Northern NY (seven hours from NYC and five and a half from Buffalo). In some ways, this area lacks so much, but in the most important ways, it is amazingly special! (It’s the people here!)

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A Biblical Theology of Sex


This is fairly simple and quite focused, but I believe these ideas will prove to be of great significance in later discussions concerning sex. I pray it will equip and encourage believers in the midst of a culture lacking a firm foundation.

We Are Sexual Beings

It’s just a fact. And I think this is obvious enough that I will add little to substantiate this claim.

Suffice to say, there are seven billion people on this planet, and we’re all here because our parents had sex. And, with few exceptions, we can all personally identify as beings with libido and the physical design to engage in genital intercourse.

Enough said, we’re sexual beings.

Sex Is a Gift

Yes, sex is a gift from God.

Did you know that sex was God’s idea? Yep, He designed it. He’s the reason sex exists. He’s the reason sex is so pleasureful, intimate, and special.

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On the Nature of Ongoing Creation
(Or, A Common Misconception within the God/Homosexuality Discussion)

A Complicated Conversation

Addressing this issue is complicated for a variety of reasons, so I want to begin with a blunt acknowledgement of that fact and a declaration of hope in Jesus for all persons (regardless of sexual orientation). [Read the full post.]

What Do You Choose to Remember?

An Unfortunate Reality

“I don’t remember ever being happy as a child.” I was listening to Fresh Air a while back, and I heard this statement. (Or something like it, this is paraphrased from memory.)

“I look at photos of myself when I was a child, and I see genuine smiles. So I did have fun. I did enjoy life at times, but I must have chosen not to remember those times of happiness.”

Truly sad. [Read the full post.]

Anyone Want to End Piracy?


At this point, I imagine anyone with Internet access has heard of SOPA and PIPA. I found last Wednesday’s online protest quite enjoyable. I love political activism; I love seeing a people stand up to Washington and the large companies who try to purchase power over us*; and I hope this bill goes down because it will do little concerning piracy but could change the Internet as we know it. [Read the full post.]

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