On Immigration Reform: Let’s Rise to the Challenge

Dear Republicans,

(Particularly those in federal office.)

Yesterday, President Obama signed two executive actions regarding how we treat illegal aliens. Here is the press release on the President’s Immigration Accountability Executive Actions; also, he outlined his plan in a public address Thursday night.

The uproar in response has been loud. Whether it’s Republican pundits (e.g. Limbaugh and Hannity) or elected officials (e.g. Rand Paul and John Boehner), the response by many is that Obama is “declaring war on the Constitution”, that he is “damaging the presidency itself”, and that he is bypassing Congress. While I don’t think Obama’s action is particularly out of line with historic actions, being a small government libertarian/conservative, I’m not a fan. But given our current context, his statements and actions are not very upsetting to me.

(Aside: I’m a registered Republican and a committee member in my town. I’ve directly volunteered for Republican candidates at both local and federal levels. But I’m not a party man. I often fantasize about seeing changes that would empower third parties and hopefully break up this two-party system, but that’s a pipe dream, so I do my best to work within this broken system. You see, I’m interested in politics for several reasons—mostly because I believe that liberty is important, that the citizenry must be challenged and responsible, and that government has serious responsibilities and the ability to effect change with stunning repercussions. This isn’t a game to me. In fact, I very much dislike, though I understand, the game aspect of politics; it physically sickens me. I hope that you, my party, will both take noble stands and embrace enough pragmatism to be helpful to the best principles and, ultimately, helpful to real people.)

Pardon my blunt statements, but I think efficiency and passion are needed: do you think I’m an idiot? While many of you blabber about Obama and his very possibly inappropriate (but needed) actions, you do nothing! Our immigration issues aren’t new. Do you think I’ll forget the past fifteen years? In fact, one of the first times I became genuinely upset with our system and President Bush particularly was when I realized he wasn’t genuinely interested in solving our immigration problems or defending America via our southern border. It’s not like we (Republicans) didn’t have the executive and both legislative chambers for six years at the beginning of this millennium. How could I forget this?

Yes, I’m upset about this immigration issue, quite upset. But not with President Obama (at the moment). I’m upset that we’ve had a massive immigration problem for well over a decade and nothing substantial has been done about it! There are many people to blame including our current president at times, but I lay the majority of the blame on my own party, the Republicans. Not only did we have a governing majority for the bulk of the Bush years, but more recently an opportunity came in the form of a bill passed in the Senate with Republican sponsors (including Graham and Rubio). Was it a perfect bill? No. I’m not even sure what a perfect bill would be. But it was a big step. Not only did the House Republicans not pass their own version, but they failed to even bring this vote up for a yes/no vote.

Republicans: if we don’t want Obama’s executive actions, let’s actually pass a bill! A bill would clearly override and make obsolete anything Obama’s stated thus far. Not only is this true, but Obama openly welcomes such action. Further, I think Obama genuinely craves such action. He has humbly but strongly requested such action. Just listen to his speech Thursday with an open mind. Here’s an excerpt:

And to those Members of Congress who question my authority to make our immigration system work better, or question the wisdom of me acting where Congress has failed, I have one answer: Pass a bill. I want to work with both parties to pass a more permanent legislative solution.

And to those who reply, “He’s just saying that for political points.” Three thoughts:

  1. Stop sounding like the little boy who just was scored upon in two-hand-touch football and is trying to overturn it via technicalities. Grow up and score on your opponent like adults!
  2. Further, last year he supported a bipartisan bill that passed in the senate. Meaning, he isn’t all talk, he has actually supported real congressional action.
  3. And lastly, maybe he is, but then let’s call his bluff. As of this January we will have majorities in both chambers of Congress. Let’s pass something meaningful and see what Obama does. If he’s bluffing, it will not play well for his party come 2016.

This is more than just a rant, I hope. This is a meaningful challenge to those in my party who’re stuck playing games, who talk loudly but do nothing (and for many years now). Please, let’s do something. I believe the vast majority of our elected officials (from both parties) are intelligent men and women who want to govern well. I know we have different ideologies (even within our party) which make passing effective legislation difficult at times, but this is a real problem that must be dealt with in a timely manner. America needs meaningful immigration reform (and we can’t sit back, the President’s actions don’t solve this issue in the long-term). Do something, please. Stop complaining about the fact that Obama wants to actually solve this problem and resolve to be helpful yourselves.

The next step is action, not anti-Obama action but meaningful immigration reform. Let’s rise to the challenge!

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Thus, as Rick Perry declares his candidacy yesterday, I’m now taking a serious look at him. Maybe he’s the best candidate for a conservative victory. [Read the full post.]

Why Is Romney Leading?


  • I will do my best not to allow my blog to be entirely political for the next two years (election season). That said, I love politics and think the issues are super important, so I will certainly not remain silent on these issues.
  • This focuses on Romney and the prolife issue, but what I want you to see are the implications on his character and/or his intelligence.


Concerning the pro-life issue, Romney is unreliable at best (and a lying fake at worst).

In this 2002 video he is accused of flip-flopping. He clearly declares his *policy* (not personal) position to be identical to that of this very pro-choice opponent.

He has since changed his policy position (for the 2008 race)…The man accused of flip-flopping in 2002 flip-flopped again!

If he were the only remotely decent candidate, then sure, maybe consider him. But there are several others in the field who hold decent policy positions, and are actually reliable!

Life Begins at Conception. Good. Defend It!

From 2007, “I believe from a political perspective that life begins at conception.”

Later in the same interview, “I was always personally opposed to abortion, as I think almost everyone in this nation is. And the question for me was, what is the role of government? And it was quite theoretical and philosophical to consider what the role of government should be in this regard, and I felt that the Supreme Court had spoken and that government shouldn’t be involved and let people make their own decision.”

So life begins at conception…but the government should just allow people to choose whether or not to murder their children? Now, to be charitable he probably doesn’t realize that his position clearly acknowledges abortion as murder and then protects that right to murder…but at best he isn’t bright, and I’d prefer a bright president if possible!


I like to be right, so please help me!

I don’t presume to always be logically correct or to always have all interesting information. So if you think I’m using information incorrectly or haven’t considered some additional info, please let me know. Write a comment or shoot me an email.

I’m super opinionated…but I’m super open-minded too. You can also disagree with these statements : )

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