37: Conditional Immortality

A throwback, style-wise, wherein I monologue concerning the doctrines of conditional immortality, soul sleep, and annihilationism.

35: Four Friends Conversing

Hey! First time with four voices in one episode. Joined by good friends—Andrew, Ben, and Josh—to discuss everything from social media to manhood to Boeing!

Episode 32: Alarmism, Human Nature, and More

A conversation with friend-of-the-pod, Ethan Hackett. The conversation covers a lot of ground. As a starting point, we used a film released in 2021, Don’t Look Up (https://www.imdb.com/title/tt11286314/).

Episode 30: Fellas Chat

Several months ago, I sat down with a (anonymous) friend to chat podcasting, language, manhood, and more!

Episode 29: Law and Morality

A conversation with a brilliant interlocutor, Ben Hull. He and I both have an interest in law and pretty much everything, so we explore law and a number of adjacent topics. Enjoy, and send any follow up thoughts or questions to 315-566-0056.